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I am available to work on projects, videos, customs and artwork with producers and other artists. My availability depends on my travel schedule. I am currently traveling monthly to Florida, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York for shooting. If you are a producer in those areas please EMAIL ME and let me know you want to be on my notification list.

My limits are, no nudity, foot jobs or any kind of worship on anyone else. I am most known for and actually enjoy foot worship, foot play, tickle, wrestling, trampling, crushing, facesitting, scissorholds, lift and carry, muscle posing, femdom, giantess, bondage, role play and anything having to do with creativity and play. 

I do shoot customs but require the payment that I charge clients: $15/minute 10 minute minimum. I expect producers to be honest and fair about this. I have had producers in the past act like they were not doing customs and then I later found out that they were taking the money for the customs and not paying me. I will not stand for this. Be honorable and not a douche please!

My hourly rates are $100/hour (3 hour minimum). I am very open and creative and take direction well with producers. Please be honest and know what you want me to bring and do. I work well with other models and have a list of producers and models who are available as references. If you are interested please just email me and let me know.


I am professional and on time. I take my work seriously but also have fun doing it. I love to create and play. I prefer to work with others who are also professional, fun, playful and who want to make money! Let's do it!  

If you are a producer who is not already established I will need references. I look forward to creating with you!

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